Photoshop Sky Replacement is more sophisticated than it sounds

Nowadays, most people use Photoshop to enhance the beauty of their images and to make the picture more attractive. The addition of a more dramatic sky in your photo would be an amazing idea. Photoshop is going to launch a fantastic and most demanded feature of Sky Replacement to the users. It will allow you to make the background of your images more emphatic. Adobe has also explained that the Sky Replacement feature involves a lot of AI and machine learning as well.

When you try to create an excellent photo of your choice, any useful tool can make it simple for you to edit the images, but the Sky Replacement tool for Photoshop is far better than any other tool and gives you emphatic results. It is user-friendly and very simple to use the tool. It allows the users to simply select the sky background of their choice, and they can also choose from a preset collection of background skies, and their job is done.

It also allows users with some options to fine-tune their final image. The users can move the background around and sliders to set edges, color temperature, and brightness to create a magical and fantastic photo. The Sky Replacement tool also allows the users to organize the collection of skies to their preference. In this way, it is quite similar to any other Photoshop asset.

However, the amazing part of this feature is how it uses Adobe’s Sensei AI to differentiate between which is the sky and which are the ground objects in a photo that has to be edited. It is because the Sky Replacement feature can automatically adjust the foreground color tone to match the sky behind it. One of its best features is that even if you move the sky background around, the colors of the foreground will always adjust to match the color tone with the background sky.

According to Adobe, one of the most powerful parts is that all these effects and changes are applied as layer stacks and effects that can preserve the original image with non-destructive adjustments. In other words, you can say that the Sky Replacement tool is a part of the existing Photoshop’s tool, with a lot of help from AI.

After discussing and exploring the features of the Sky Replacement tool by Adobe Photoshop, we have concluded that it is one of the best-featuring tools by Adobe that can help in creating the best image with our desired backgrounds in a very easier way. It also includes various other features such as preset sky backgrounds, no-effect on the original image, and more. It is one of the most powerful tools for a fantastic photo-editing experience.

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