New Pokémon Snap: Everything You Need to Know

Nintendo has announced that it is finally going to release the new “Pokémon Snap” game after 20 years. The first “Pokémon Snap” game was released 20 years ago and was a big hit among gamers. In the game, players take amazing pictures of their favorite Pokémon’s while traveling through different places and regions. And, now the makers of the game are all set to release the new version of the game.

The game, just like its predecessor, will allow you to travel to different regions of the world to discover the world of Pokémon and take their pictures using your camera. But taking photos of Pokémon is not that easy and requires lots of tools and skills. So, don’t think it’s a very easy game.

What Do You Need to Know About Pokémon Snap?

The game was first launched for Nintendo 64 (Home gaming console) in the year 1999. Pokémon Snap is a single-player game in which you get a chance to go to different regions, places, and locations for taking pictures of different Pokémon to help Professor Oak study them.

All you have to do is travel through different places and take pictures of Pokémon and put them in your Photo Dex. It may look easy, but it’s not that simple at all. You are there to help professor Oak, and therefore all your photos must meet the standards set by Professor Oak so that he can easily study them.

For example, you must completely capture the Pokémon in your photos, and all the photos must be framed appropriately. Once you do that you will get points for your captured photos. To earn lots of points, make sure your timing of taking pictures is correct, and you capture Pokémon’s in different poses.

Once you have explored the entire region, you will be sent to a new region or place by Professor Oak and take some more pictures for him. You will also get many different types of equipment from the professor to help you out in your journey of taking pictures of Pokémon’s.

What Do We Know About the New Game?

The game is expected to have similar gameplay like the original Pokémon Snap game, but it will have some other updates and features too like visiting the mysterious island to take pictures of Pokémon, learning about different regions and places where they live, learn about their behavior in the natural environment, etc. However, whether it will be a single-player like its predecessor or not is a question that is yet to be answered by Nintendo.

What Do We Want to See in the New Pokémon Snap?

Although a lot of information is not revealed by the company, there are few features that we want to see in the game like all the 151 original Pokémon’s, different types of filters and frames that can be applied to captured photos, leaderboards, missions, more places to visit, and mysterious islands.

When Will It Release?

As of now, no official release date of the game has been announced by Nintendo. But we expect it might be released soon. However, in the meantime, you can watch the official trailer of the game and some images of the gameplay on the official website of the game. Besides, if you want to get the game as soon as possible then go to Amazon and book your copy of the game now. The game is available for pre-booking on their website.


The game is set to make a comeback after 20 long years and will feature lots of great updates and features. We hope that the game also gets the love and appreciation like the previous Pokémon Snap game.

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