Nest Mini Vs. Echo Dot 4th Gen: Google & Amazon’s Smart Speakers Compared

Google’s Nest Mini and Amazon’s fourth-generation Echo Dot are both small and smart speakers. Both devices are budget-friendly smart speakers. Even though they are smaller in size as compared to other smart speakers, they offer great sound quality and voice assistants. Both of the smart speakers are somewhere similar to each other in terms of sound quality and other features. Let us find out which one is better.

Google’s Nest Mini is one of its cheapest smart speakers available in the market and was announced in October 2019. Google Nest Mini came with the feature of Google Assistant, and it is ideal for placing in small homes as compared to all other smart speakers because of its small size. Because of its small size, it is priced this low.

As the Google Nest Mini was announced in the year 2019, on the other hand, the newest Amazon Echo Dot was recently announced in September 2020, along with the Echo Show 10 and the latest version of the standard Echo smart speaker. The fourth-generation Echo Dot looks very similar to a globe-like design just like the more powerful Echo. However, both of the smart speakers, Nest Mini and Echo Dot have many similarities, but like Nest Mini, Amazon’s Echo Dot does not have long battery life.

Comparing The Smaller Smart Speakers

The Google Nest Mini and the fourth-generation Amazon Echo Dot have almost the same features, size, and price range. They also share another similar feature of voice-activated assistants. Google Nest Mini uses Google Assistant, and the fourth-generation Echo Dot uses Amazon’s Alexa. The Echo Dot is a small speaker, and it is 3.9 inches wide 3.5 inches tall. On the other hand, Google Nest Mini is 3.8 inches wide and only 1.6 inches tall. If we talk about the audio quality, the Nest Mini has a 360-degree design and a 40mm driver.

On the other hand, the Echo Dot has a 1.6-inch front-firing speaker. This is why Google Nest Mini can emit sound in more directions, as compared to the Echo Dot that can emit sound only in one direction. In other words, we can also say that the sound quality of the Echo Dot is why it is more clear. The Nest Mini has another unique feature of being able to connect to a wall that helps in hiding the device.

Both of the speakers can connect with other smart speakers around the home. If you have more Google devices in your home, then Google Nest Mini would be the perfect smart speaker for you. But, if you have Alexa-enabled devices at your home, then the fourth-generation Echo Dot would be more beneficial for you. Amazon Echo Dot has smaller size as compared to other Echo devices. It is a bulky speaker, and on the other hand, Nest Mini is compact, takes less space, and can be attached to the wall.

After comparing both the smart speakers, Google Nest Mini and the fourth-generation Amazon’s Echo Dot, we have concluded that both the speakers have almost the same features and sound quality. It depends on your priorities and choices of which speaker you want to purchase. It also depends on the type of other devices available at your home. If you have Google devices, you should opt for Nest Mini, and if you have Alexa-enabled devices at home, you can opt for Echo Dot.

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