How to Use the Unibeam in Iron Man VR

The continuation of the arrival of the superheroes-based video game persists, Iron Man VR is the most recent example of that. The game is quite fresh, and gamers throughout the world are busy in exploring it. All the Marvel fans have already started playing this game and all over the social media; they are requesting for a guide to using the Unibeam in this game. Thus, in this article, we have provided a proper workaround to help them.

Using the Unibeam in Iron Man VR

Before proceeding further to the prime process, let us first brief those gamers who are not familiar with Unibeam. It is one of the most potent attacks of Iron Man that has the potential to thrash out dozens of enemies with one shot. The use of Unibeam is quite simple, but there is a trick to activate it. First, gamers have to find a triangle-shaped button which is made upon the left side moving controller. Once players have successfully found the button, then they need to find a square-shaped button which is built upon the right side of the controller. Once gamers have successfully found both the buttons, then they need to press down both of them together to launch an Unibeam.

Moreover, the gamers who are playing this game in a demo version need to know that this attack can only be used during battles. At the same time, the players who have opted to the full version can use Unibeam in any of the quest or situation. In the demo version, the Unibeam will take a lot of time to activate while in the full version, it executes in no time. The gamers will get a plethora of rewards every time they kill 12 men together with an Unibeam. Players need to be aware of this fact and should avail as many rewards as they could.

Although there are several more potent attacks that Iron Man can execute, its Unibeam is usually preferred the most by the gamers. The gamers also need to be aware of one fact, and it is to master the pressing of the Square and Triangle button together; as it is tough to launch an Unibeam during impulsive situations. Thus, we advise gamers to learn the Unibeam as quickly as they can.


The article contains information about a virtual-reality based game known as Iron Man VR. In this article, we have provided information about Unibeam, the most potent attack of Iron Man. We hope that all the gamers who have visited this article will surely learn the way to execute Unibeam.

Gamers can obtain the mesmerizing gaming experience of Iron Man VR on PSVR.

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