Everything About the Elusive Launch Date Of Google Pixel 4a

Don’t know how many suspected Google Pixel 4a launch dates have come and gone, but there is no confirmed date coming from the official side. Even recently, Google has decided to discontinue Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL and removed them from their online stores. Both the smartphones are counted as the best budget phones, and they have discontinued them without any comment.

Now you can expect Google Pixel 4a as the sequel of those smartphones without any issue.

Due to the pandemic, there is a delay in the launch of Pixel 4a. The expected date is changing again and again. Even Google IO 2020 was canceled. When this event was canceled, there were some speculations that Google will announce the official release date of the Pixel 4a. Now, everyone is clueless about the launch date.

Unfortunately, the rumors have these cheap Android headsets that seem so close to its release date. But don’t have any fixed date even in rumors about the launch of this smartphone. Even the officials are not ready to say anything on this topic.

Other companies are ready with the lineup of their budget phones for this year. Like iPhone SE 2020 is one of the most talked mid-range smartphones.

If you have Pixel 3a, then you might have most of the flagship features of Pixel 3 too, at half price. That was in the year when Apple has no affordable smartphone in the list.

It’s too late to release the launch date for the Pixel 4a as its competitors are ready with their budget phones lineup.

  • Samsung is ready with their flagship phones Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy S20 Lite, that might land this year. 
  • iPhone SE 2020 and OnePlus 8 have a severe fight over who is the best mid-ranger and affordable flagship phone.

Shifting Of Google Pixel 4a Release Dates Several Times

Google has to maintain its name; that they can provide budget smartphones like Pixel 3a. Currently, iPhone SE, Moto G8, discounted 2019 flagships like Samsung Galaxy S10e, and OnePlus 7T are the best budget or cheap smartphones.

Many of these smartphones have wider angles, which is one of the best features in budget smartphones. But pixel phones have their own photography modules against other smartphones’ setup. The rear-facing triple- and quad-camera arrays are the new trending feature in smartphones. The telephoto lens of the Pixel 4 is excellent, but still, needs an ultrawide camera that was the part of last years’ flagship smartphones.

You might be eager to see what will be offered by Pixel 4a that can help this phone to compete with other budget smartphones. It will be the Google first-party smartphone, so there are chances that it will come with the Android 11 update. Everyone is waiting for this update, but non-flagship smartphones have to wait a bit more to get this update. Even they are still facing issues while getting the Android 10, so they don’t have to expect for Android 11. If you also want a phone with the latest Android 11 update, wait for the Pixel 4a as it will come with this Android update, and even you don’t have too much for getting a brand-new flagship smartphone.

Possibly, the Pixel 4a will be released soon. But when there is no announcement on the release date in the next one or two weeks, the release of this smartphone could be pushed back after October. And that would put this smartphone with the actual version of the Google Pixel 5.

In this blog, there is no appreciation for this Pixel 4a because currently, there are so many budget phones like the OnePlus Nord, iPhone SE 2020 that are giving better features in less price.

So, it’s better to wait for the company’s official announcement, if you are eager to buy Pixel 4a.

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