6 Best Budget-Friendly Drones with Camera Integration

You must have known drones as a gadget used by the military or the official bodies to manage fights and maintain coordination. But in the last few years, drones have been used to capture beautiful shots for different reasons. Now, many people worldwide are interested in getting their hands on drones with cameras to capture the best memories. But a good quality drone can burn a hole in the pockets. The world is at a stage (after experiencing the global pandemic) where everyone wants a ‘value-for-money’ product and don’t want to waste their savings on things that wouldn’t be the best.

So, if you are someone looking for a good quality drone with a camera on-budget, you know the struggle is real. Thus, below we have created a list of great value drones that meets different requirements and suits budget as well.

Holy Stone HS700D

The Holy Stone HS700D camera drone tops our list due to the stunning features it offers for less than $200. This drone has a built-in camera that captures 2K videos and images with its lens with a 110° field of view. Users can easily rotate the camera to 90° to point and focus on the images on the ground. Use the included 2800mAH batteries to help the device stay in the air for about 22 minutes. It also has a built-in GPS that makes it easier to fly. In case of technical issues, the drone automatically returns to the original place from where it took off. Using the companion smartphone app, you can set a custom flight path. It has a Follow-Me Mode that automatically follows the user and records the video.

Aovo GPS Drone

The Aovo GPS Drone has a foldable design, so you easily carry it in a carrying case. It lets you capture 4K videos and images with its 90° tilt gimbal so that you can get the maximum clarity. Its maximum control range is beyond 3,200 feet. It features a built-in GPS that helps it return to the starting point automatically, and it also unlocks a one-touch landing and landing feature. You can create a custom flight path for the drone before setting it for flight. The included batteries offer 30 minutes of flight time.

DJI Tello

You are probably familiar with this brand due to its popularity and demand in the market. The DJI Tello drone has a 328 feet range and a battery that lasts up to 13 minutes. You can test it indoors or take it outdoors for a short trip. One of its unique features is that it can automatically take off and land without any assistance from the users. It features a 720p camera with collision detection, electronic image stabilization, and more. Use any of its six flight modes to capture the best 2K images and 720p videos. Its Throw & Go mode lets you toss the drone in the air. Using a smart companion app, you can control the drone. The drone is also compatible with VR sets.

Eachine E58

The Eachine E58 has a compact and foldable design, so you can carry it in your backpack for shooting travel sceneries. It can capture videos and images in 720p and has a 120° wide-angle lens. Its camera can rotate 90° in the air to check the surface. The package comes with a controller and smartphone holder so that you can easily control the drone. Use its Altitude Hold Mode to maintain the drone’s location and height for a stable hovering. It also has a Headless Mode that can make the drone’s front side as same as the remote control, making it easier to reach the destination. With the included battery, it can work for over 10 minutes. It’s compatible with VR headsets as well.

Force1 F100G

This drone stands out in this list as it has a detachable 1080p camera that can fly within the range of up to 1,640 feet. So, you can swap the camera with something better. It runs on two batteries, which gives it a flight time of 30 minutes. You can mount GoPro Hero 3 and 4 for better picture and video quality. The LED headlights enable you to capture good quality videos at night as well. You can customize the flying speed of the drone. The package includes three different shells so that you can customize the outlook of the drone.


The DEERC D50 drones can perfectly capture 2K video and images with a 120° field of view lens. If you are a beginner, this drone is the ideal match for you, as all its features are easy to understand and use. It features a one-tap button that allows the drone to take off automatically. Use the Altitude Hold feature for capturing more explicit images and videos. You can also use voice commands to control its features. It can do 360° flips and create a flying map for the drone to help you see the directions. Its two batteries offer 12 minutes of flight time. Use the Headless Mode to fly the drone in the direction it’s moving.

These drones have great features, and anyone can use it. Some of these have a few complex features, so you might want to read the manuals carefully before flying the drone. You can connect all of these drones to Wi-Fi.

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